Aigues-Mortes is surrounded by fascinating historical sites some going back to pre history. This September we chose to visit three sites, all within eighty kilometres of Marina Del Sol and easy to find and to park.

Abbey of St Roman


Near Beaucaire are the amazing and spectacular remains of a very ancient troglodyte monastery of Gaul dug by hermits and monks in the fifth century.

This was not long after Rome adopted Christianity and the monastery links with original Christian monasteries in Egypt.

There are vestiges of medieval fortifications and the top of the site offers wonderful views across the Rhone and Provence.

A word of warning – the approach is by quite a long up hill walk followed by a steep spiral staircase to the top of the site. Worth the effort if you are fit.

Avignon - Palais des Papes


Both a powerful fortress and a magnificent palace, it was the seat of the Christian world in the 14th century.

Nine popes succeeded each other there and competed to put their own stamp on their tenure by spending the vast wealth of the Catholic Church, extending and rebuilding sections of the palace.

The palace was used as a barracks in the 19th century when sadly many of the valuable and interesting remains of the popes were destroyed.

Well worth a visit.

Easy parking nearby and plenty of cafes and restaurants in the square. 

Mialet - Musée du Désert

Situated in a lovely valley in the Cevennes near Mialet our visit was perhaps the most moving experience of our historical visits.

The museum covers the history of Protestantism in France during the period 1685 – 1789 when it was outlawed by the French government of the day.

Many protestants, known as huguenots, fled to other countries. Protestant women were imprisoned, many in the Tour de Constance. The men were either executed or sent to work on boats as galley slaves, horribly treated and often soon died. The protestant church is still very active in the Cevennes.


It is a remarkable museum with good displays and well laid out. Easy parking. Well worth a visit.




It is important to check as after the holiday season and particularly after September opening hours are very restricted.


John and Pat Wright

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